I'm a human-computer interaction researcher with a background in computer science. I work as a Research Associate in the School of Computing Science at Newcastle University, where I am based in the Digital Interaction group (DIG).

My research interests are centred around applying principles of human computer interaction in contexts where there exists an inherent 'user hostile' outlook. This interest is often grounded in areas such as usable privacy and security and financial interactions, but I am increasingly interested to understand how crowdsourcing (or communitysourcing) can contribute to profound social goals in privacy, civic life, and healthcare. A list of my specific projects, both past and present, can be found here.

I am currently working on the SiDE project within the Connected Home and Communities theme. I have industry research experience at the Nokia Research Centre within the Trustworthy Communications and Identities group; also at Microsoft Research Cambridge in the Socio-Digital Systems group. My typical involvement in projects can span the full range of HCI research activities from concept design, prototyping, through to user evaluation with qualitative or quantitative methods.

Away from research I'm a keen sportsman; in particular I'm into football and cricket. Also I completed the Great North Run -- a half-marathon -- in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013 to raise funds for Martin House Children's Hospice.

I can be found on Google Scholar and LinkedIn.

Some recent publications:
Dunphy, P., Vines, J., Coles-Kemp, L,Vlachokyriakos, V., Wright, P., McCarthy,J., Olivier,P. 2014. Understanding the Role of User Experience in Security and Privacy Technologies. To Appear NSPW 2014

Vlachokyriakos, V., Dunphy, P., Taylor, N., Comber, R. and Olivier, P. 2014. BallotShare: Exploring the Design Space of Digital Voting in a Workplace environment. Computers in Human Behaviour.

Vines, J., Dunphy, P., and Monk, A. 2014. Pay or Delay: The Role of Technology When Managing a Low Income. (In Press) In: Proceedings of the 2014 ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. **CHI Honourable Mention Award*

A complete list of publications can be found on the publications page.